WOW!!! I am from NZ and recently visited friends in Melbourne, and they introduced me to Caroline’s Cream for my 14 month old son, and WOW is about all I have to say. I was about ready to give up. After 2 days for using just the Cream, twice a day, there was such a great difference in my son, and no more itching as soon as I would take off his top for the bath. He had eczema on his neck and behind his knees, and that baby soft skin he had when he was born, had disappeared, but is returning. His belly is almost clear and his back is looking great. I also am using the Wash on him and love the fact I can use it as a shampoo for him. LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and I am so happy to see you post to NZ!!!! From one very happy Mum and one less itchy wee boy xx