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Do you ship internationally? My country isn’t available in your online shop2022-11-09T14:14:28+08:00

Yes, we certainly do ship internationally. To place an international order please follow the prompts during the order process. If your country is not available in the drop down options, please contact us so that we can assist you further at orders@carolineskincare.com.au. We know that many people around the world rely on the benefits our products bring and we wish to continue to accommodate your needs as much as we possibly can.

Are Caroline’s products suitable for highly sensitive skin?2022-10-11T15:33:34+08:00

Everyone’s skin is different. Some people are allergic to even the most natural ingredients which is why Caroline’s products are formulated with this in mind. Our products contain botanically derived ingredients and Caroline chooses not to use paraben preservatives, fragrances, propylene glycol, and sodium lauryl sulphates in her therapeutic skincare.

Can I use Caroline’s products if I’m lactose intolerant?2022-10-11T15:33:53+08:00

Caroline’s Skincare products contain No milk or milk derivatives and are suitable to use if you are lactose intolerant. However, if you are prone to allergies, we do recommend you conduct a patch test just to be sure.

My skin is prone to acne, will Caroline’s products clog my pores?2022-10-11T15:34:14+08:00

Good news- both Caroline’s Cream and Wash are non-comedogenic (don’t clog pores), which means they work well as both a daily face wash and moisturiser for acne prone skin. If your skin is particularly oily, for best results, try washing with Caroline’s Wash both morning and night, and moisturising once a day using Caroline’s Cream.

Are your ingredients listed on the product label?2022-10-11T15:34:33+08:00

Yes. Although we are unable to provide a full list of ingredients on our website, a more comprehensive list of ingredients is available on the back of our product labels.

Do you stock Caroline’s Skincare range overseas?2022-10-31T17:00:30+08:00

Caroline’s Skincare range is currently available in Australia, however there is always interest in our brand from overseas and we will be exploring these possibilities further in the near future. In the meantime International customers will have continued access to our products via our website’s online shop until there are further developments in the export market. Do remember to drop us an email at info@carolineskincare.com.au for further assistance. We are always happy to help where we can.

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?2022-10-31T16:58:33+08:00

Most Australian orders will reach their destination within 5 to 10 working days following dispatch, however please allow up to one week from the time your order has been placed for your parcel to arrive from our dispatch department in Western Australia.

International shipping times vary depending on your location. Please feel free to send us an email at orders@carolineskincare.com.au if you would like an update on the status of your order.

All orders are shipped from Western Australia. We are more than happy to cater to those seeking urgent dispatch of their order. If you do have urgent dispatch requirements or any questions or concerns regarding your order please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

How much does shipping cost?2022-10-31T16:45:16+08:00

Australia: We ship orders to all destinations in Australia via Australia Post, or FREE for orders over $75.

International: To place an international order, please enter your details via regular entry form for orders. The shipping cost will automatically be calculated via Australia postal services. If you are in need of support to arrange international shipping please contact our friendly team to assist you further. We know that many people around the world rely on the benefits our products bring and we wish to continue to accommodate your needs as much as we possibly can.

When will I begin to see a change in my skin irritation?2022-10-11T15:36:04+08:00

Some people begin to experience changes within a few days, however changes can take anywhere between a week to six months depending on the individual. Consistent and regular use brings the best results. If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to contact us as we may be able to assist you further. We are here to help and more than happy to do so if we can.

How often can I apply the Cream/Wash/Lip Fix?2022-10-11T15:36:28+08:00

Caroline’s products can be used and applied as required. For example, depending on the individual’s circumstances we suggest applications between 2 – 6 times daily for best results. You will find directions for use on the labels of our products.

Does Lip Fix by Caroline’s contain petroleum jelly?2022-10-11T15:36:50+08:00

Caroline chooses not to use fragrances, paraben preservatives, lanolin, SLS, and nut based ingredients in her products. For further information on the ingredients and their benefits please visit the product pages on our web site.

Is it true Lip Fix by Caroline’s can be applied to cold sores as well as chapped lips and eczema/dermatitis/psoriasis?2022-10-11T15:37:16+08:00

Yes! Lip Fix is specifically formulated for those who experience compromised skin barrier health including irritations such as cold sores, dry, flaky, and/or cracked skin.

Do your products contain any fragrances?2022-10-11T15:37:35+08:00

We choose not to use fragrances, paraben preservatives, lanolin, propylene glycol and nut products in our products. For further information on the ingredients and their benefits please visit the product pages on our web site.

Can the Wash and Cream be used around the eye area?2022-10-11T15:37:51+08:00

A patch test is always recommended when trying any new product before applying to sensitive areas, and especially around the eyes. Testers of Caroline’s Cream are available in retail outlets.

Can Caroline’s Skincare products be used by people of all ages and all skin types?2022-10-11T15:38:14+08:00

Yes – most certainly. You don’t have to have a skin irritation to reap the benefits from using Caroline’s Skincare products. Caroline’s products can be used on oily, dry, combination and normal complexions to help keep the skin balanced, youthful, hydrated and purified. If your skin is prone to sensitivity, a patch test is highly recommended.

Can Caroline’s products be used on my baby?2022-10-11T15:38:34+08:00

Caroline’s products are very gentle and can be used by almost everyone, young and old. However, as a rule newborns and babies don’t generally develop skin irritations such as eczema until they are at least two months old so it is recommended that you seek medical advice if unsure.

Caroline’s Wash is beneficial for use on babies and children in the bath as the soothing affects and emollient oils help to form a natural barrier on the skin helping to keep it soft and supple. Although generally not problematic, a patch test with Caroline’s Cream is recommended on newborns, babies and children to ensure they do not have sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

You recommend doing a patch test, how does it work?2022-10-11T15:38:55+08:00

If you are prone to adverse reactions from certain ingredients it can be a good idea to do a small patch test before using our products. Even though we use gentle, botanically derived ingredients, there is still the potential for sensitivity. Simply rub a small amount of the Cream on an unaffected area of the skin, either on the inside of the elbow or on the nape of the neck. If the tested area becomes red or irritated within the next 24 hours it is best to avoid the use of the product(s) in question. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient and are unsure about our formula, please feel free to get in touch with us directly. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.

Should I stop using the products once my skin irritation improves?2022-10-11T15:39:21+08:00

Continued use of Caroline’s products is highly recommended. Once a person has experienced skin irritations, their skin can be prone to flare-ups. It is also important to keep all skin types well-nourished and moisturised on a regular basis.

Can I use your products if I am pregnant?2022-10-11T15:39:39+08:00

We do strongly recommend any expectant mother check with her physician before introducing new skincare products, just to be sure.

How do I become a stockist of Caroline’s Skincare range?2022-10-31T17:01:07+08:00

Please contact Caroline’s Skincare directly on 1800 900 942 or email info@carolineskincare.com.au for information on how to start stocking our products and for any special deals that may be available.


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