This study observed the soothing and calming effect customers experienced from using Caroline’s Wash.

All data has been collected and compiled by Caroline’s Skincare Pty Ltd using a survey method. A survey with questions pertaining to the application of Caroline’s Wash was sent out to a group of 500 customers, of which 484 questionnaires were completed.
Participants of the Trial were selected from a group of willing participants varying in age who had been using or were encouraged to use Caroline’s Wash on their existing skin irritations (as outlined above).

Method: Participants of the study were selected from a group of people, both male and female, ranging from 0 – 70+ years of age. All participants answered a series of questions based on their experiences applying Caroline’s Wash, and participants were asked to apply Caroline’s Wash consistently (one or more times on a daily basis) to their skin so as to best gauge the results.

The information collected provides important data pertaining to the types of skin irritations most prevalent amongst those surveyed, the ages of participants and the nature of their skin irritations before and after the application of Caroline’s Wash.

Caroline's Wash Results - All participants by Age group percentage

Case study conducted via

Applied the Wash daily to affected areas


Participants experiencing itch and irritation found the Wash, when applied, had a soothing and calming effect within a few days


Have experienced their particular skin irritation for more than 1 year


Believe Caroline’s Wash was successful in helping to soothe their skin irritation


Claim using Caroline’s Wash had a positive effect on their quality of life (e.g. eating, sleeping, working and socialising)