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Caroline's Skincare


I’ve been using your eczema cream on my 5 year old daughter. She has had eczema since she was about one. Since using your product, her eczema has [improved]! Her eczema is clearing up where it is not noticeable and we have not had to put it on daily! Love your product and we will be buying it again! Thank you!


I absolutely LOVE your Cream.


I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! I use Caroline’s Cream daily and recommend it to everyone I know. I don’t have too many skin issues, but as a surf coach, it is a great moisturiser for dry (and sometimes sun/wind burnt) skin.


I just wanted to share with you my recent experience with your Cream. I recently brushed up against some bushes that have left me with a very itchy arm. In sheer desperation I put some of your Cream on it to see if it would help. I am very pleased that it has made a great difference! Thank you.


I have [experienced], for over 10 years, hand dermatitis and after years of trial and error I’ve finally found relief. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Just letting you know how in love I am with Caroline’s Wash … I love it and use it also to wash my hair … thank you.


Thank you so much for the skincare! I have mature but still oily skin and am finding your Wash and Cream great – as well as for the whole family! It’s great to see a good Aussie company, with a woman at the helm, making such great products!


Hi there. I have been using [the Cream] specifically on the eczema on my hands to see how it works for me, and I would love to let you know that it is GREAT! My eczema has calmed down so much on my hands and the cracks in my skin are [looking great], I cannot thankyou enough for allowing me to try your products. Thank you so much to everyone at Caroline’s Cream for being so generous and helping me out with my skin. I can actually do dishes now without being uncomfortable.. again, THANK YOU


I could use it on my Baby from birth. So so glad I found your product!


My friend got me onto Caroline’s Cream for my daughter who has had eczema since birth, it has relieved her itchiness & redness and keeps it away when used daily, especially after her bath. I also use it myself for when my hands start getting dry. Love it!!


I have only just discovered this product yesterday I love the fact that you can use it to wash your hair and body – and it’s in a pump bottle- love it !


I bought Caroline’s cream for my Dad’s psoriasis and it helped him so much.. He commented how it was cooling and soothing the same time.. Best Christmas present ever!!


Just love these products. My skin feels so soft and moisturised after using them. Congratulations on such great products and thank you!


Caroline’s Cream was given to me by an Aunty in the hope it would help with my daughters eczema… well… I thought I would try some on my face for my Rosacea… which makes my face very red and my skin stings with sensitivity… BINGO!!!!!!!!!! I now cannot go without a tube of Caroline’s Cream in my possession… it really works for my skin… This is product delivers GREAT results! Thank you!


My daughter had very dry and itchy skin. I have even givin it to my husband who uses it on his dermatitis hands after night work.


I work in Aged Care and a lot of my clients use and love their Caroline’s Cream and the great results they get.


Used the Cream last night & am sure that I can see an improvement already.


I love your products! My 2.5 yo [experiences] eczema and that keeps it at bay!


Caroline’s Cream really has helped me over and over with my psoriasis. It is used night and day and boy oh boy it has helped


I no longer have red and itchy skin, it’s [a great] product.


Been a user since it’s inception – been good for me on many levels, eczema mostly but love it :)


My iittle girl has eczema and it helps relieve her. Caroline’s Cream helps retain moisture on her skin.


I love your products! I use the Wash and Cream daily and it really has helped my eczema! And recommend it to everyone :)


I have used Caroline’s Skincare Cream & Wash for a few years now, great products! The Wash is a great shampoo for long hair, does not strip your hair of natural oils & leaves your hair feeling so soft & manageable!


Psoriasis is one really tough nut to crack but Carolines has helped. Truly great stuff.


It really has helped my daughter’s eczema. Great product.


These products have helped clear up my acne and stopped my son’s skin being itchy and breaking out in eczema! Thank you


I only needed to use a little bit as it spread so easily and it was so nice that it wasn’t greasy or left a residue afterwards. My hands have improved dramatically. I was even able to go a few days without applying before I felt the need to use more. Thank you once again.


I am so happy with your products and the gentleness of them on my face that I experienced no redness or irritation. Also not greasy. Will certainly be purchasing your products in the future, you now have a new customer. Thanks again


I was very pleased with the overall products. I didn’t have itching when I went to bed or when I got out of the shower which is great.
The Wash left My skin feeling lovely and soft to touch. I’m happy as I had no stinging or redness upon application and would recommend this product to others, for use.


We have used Caroline’s Cream for around 6 months now and it is great. Not only does it help with mild eczema it’s great on nappy rash, cuts, grazes and also on cradle cap in young babies. I even used it on a tiny burn I got on my finger. I’d recommend Caroline’s Cream to anyone even if you don’t have sensitive skin as it’s also just a great moisturiser!


Your product was recommended to me for cradle cap and dry skin on my baby girl. I am a mum that is pedantic about what goes onto her skin, so much so that her skin has only ever had olive oil or oatmeal added to her baths or your Cream!!! The results of your Cream were great. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. Please keep it up!!!


The Cream was great on my skin, as it really absorbed and my skin was so soft. I even applied on my bub and was so happy with the result. I am really grateful to you for being able to try these products.


Just wanted to let you know that your Cream for my toddler [is] working really well. Thumbs up to a local business!


Great stuff. Skin, face, hands, body.


I wish more people knew about your product! We tried Caroline’s Skincare and my little girls face is now looking really good! Even had someone comment yesterday how good her skin is looking and wanted to know what I had used :)


I thought it was about high time that I got back to you about how I found the product. To be honest I had my doubts in the beginning, but after a few months of using it, I definitely noticed that my skin was clearer, smoother and I had a much more even skin tone! My acne is so much better! Now that I’ve stopped using the wash for about a month because I ran out (silly mistake on my part!), I’ve noticed the acne and blemishes gradually coming back so I’m definitely going to get my hands on more ASAP! Thanks so much for the products and rest assured I’ll be recommending it to anyone else who’s having any skin problems.


My daughter’s skin has responded extremely well from the Cream to the point where she asks for it after her bath. It has stopped the redness from getting any worse and has also taken away the leathery feel of the skin on her arms and legs.


Love your products…. We tell everyone.


I recently started buying Caroline’s Cream as my dermatitis decided to move to my face! I wanted to say thanks.


I have an area of skin that has a feeling of buzzing followed by blisters and if I can’t control the itch I will have broken blisters and scabs for weeks. Every time I even get a hint of the onset I reach for your Cream…. by morning the blistered area has calmed with no desire to scratch. Thank you.


WOW!!! I am from NZ and recently visited friends in Melbourne, and they introduced me to Caroline’s Cream for my 14 month old son, and WOW is about all I have to say. I was about ready to give up. After 2 days for using just the Cream, twice a day, there was such a great difference in my son, and no more itching as soon as I would take off his top for the bath. He had eczema on his neck and behind his knees, and that baby soft skin he had when he was born, had disappeared, but is returning. His belly is almost clear and his back is looking great. I also am using the Wash on him and love the fact I can use it as a shampoo for him. LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and I am so happy to see you post to NZ!!!! From one very happy Mum and one less itchy wee boy xx


Thank you so much for your great products. [My eyelids] were red and itchy, and I was embarrassed and I didn’t want to be seen or take off my sunglasses. My husband handed me the bottle of your Cream (which I had bought for him ages ago) and said “Here, try this.” And now my eyelids are no longer red and itchy, and the puffiness and redness has reduced. Now a week later and I am feeling nearly normal! Thank you so much.


I just wanted to say thank you! I have struggled with an allergy since my son was born 2+ years ago. I still react, but nothing like what I used to…It is even clearing up the mild rash thing on my son’s arms/legs, which has been there since he was just under 2…


My 2yo daughter has eczema. Changes, along with very regular moisturising (we’ve just started using Caroline’s Cream) are helping. We are not on top of it yet, but we feel we are providing some relief to our gorgeous and brave little girl.

Itchy Baby’s Mum

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I received my order and applied your Cream to my hands straight away and I could feel my hands cooling soon after (They are usually very hot, dry and cracked). My family noticed on Friday night how much the redness had eased and how much smoother my skin felt. I have [experienced] Dermatitis on my hands for three years now. Its now Sunday afternoon and my hands are feeling great. I only have a few small patches on both hands that are still a little red and dry. Again Caroline I cannot thank you enough for developing a product that is giving me my life back.


I’ve used your body wash and moisturiser for the last 4 years. My skin thanks you.


I just want to say a big thank you for the great Cream. I am using it everyday and can’t believe the difference. My mum is happy too. I feel so much more confident and my skin feels so nice. Many thanks Caroline.



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